Nikki Wiseman – Crockers Auckland

“As I keep thinking about our meeting this morning I wanted to Thank you for your time and quality of information you gave, You gave me excellent guide lines to keep me grow my business.”

Eva Scherer – Y Massage

“After a couple of years in business I still come away ideas and thoughts about growing my business. Your insight in many areas of my business has enlightened my thinking of where this business can go. Please keep coming up with good...

John Cross – UniPower

“Your marketing coaching course has given us invaluable insight into what is required to promote and market our product. Your understanding and out of the box thinking has shown us the many varied ways and markets we can tap into to raise our sales...

Camelia Iorache – Auckland

“Thank you for showing me that I am my biggest asset.You showed me that with a plan and a point of difference I can make wonders. I happily recommend anyone to use your business advice.”

Craig Martin – ACN Motors Auckland

“I could clearly see where we needed to get to, Tibor asked pertinent questions in order to understand and make great suggestions for our future business success.”