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“It has been my pleasure to have been mentored by Tibor Mackor. If you are new to business or need to look for ways of growing your business, Tibor can challenge your thinking and get the fundamentals in place for growth and stability. I recommend him highly as do my fellow directors.”

Stephen Stehlin

Sunpix Ltd

“I asked to meet with Tibor to get his input into how I can juggle my personal life with work and still achieve my business goals, Tibor asked some great questions that got me thinking and that cut through to what’s important to me. His approach is practical, down to earth and clearly shows what you need to do to get to where you want to be. If you are looking for a roadmap for your business and practical support and advice to help you attain your goals (plus the all-important follow up), I recommend you engage Tibor.”

Kirsten Hodgson

Kaleidoscope Marketing Ltd

“As a two partner practice we saw the need to employ a coach who would be able to keep us both on track and focused on the goals of our practice. Without Tibor there would have been the tendency to simply focus on getting the task at hand completed rather than concentrating on practice growth and improving client size.

We have found that Tibor’s strategies for keeping us focused on our long term goals and holding us accountable for the short-term goals have made a significant difference to our business and meant that we have reached our target sales for this year (2009).

His advice has improved partnership relationship and he has also helped with difficult staff issues. He has offered advice in practice structure and ensured that we recruit staff at the right level with reference to the future goals of our practice.

We would not hesitate to recommend Tibor as a business coach.

Bruce Stone & Rachelle Pelkman

Stone & Pelkman Chartered Accountants

“Having your input on a regular basis has made a massive difference to my focus and productivity. Being able to look at the big picture as opposed to being bogged down in day to day busyness has also helped an awful lot. Your suggestions and external view points have proved very valuable in helping me achieve more in my business.”

Rob Bakker

Bluesky Business Coaching

“Your marketing coaching course has given us invaluable insight into what is required to promote and market our product. Your understanding and out of the box thinking has shown us the many varied ways and markets we can tap into to raise our sales revenue.”

John Cross


“We have always had relaxed meetings which for me, has been an easy way to convey my concerns and approach. Tibor has my records clear and concise and offers solutions which have proved valuable. Tibor has put other professional people in touch with me for insurance advice etc., which has saved me time and formed a trusting relationship between all parties.”

Merryn Webster

Landscape Design Solutions Ltd

“Tibor is a brilliant business coach, it has been incredible having his knowledge and guidance. His advice has led to a number of business opportunities and I’m now confident with where my company is headed. I highly recommend getting Tibor onboard to help make sure your ship is sailing in the right direction.”

Paul Stockton


“I had been languishing in the doldrums before I met you. Since our business relationship started my business to this point has seen an increase of over 130%. I certainly appreciate all your insight in helping me achieve this.

Your advice has seen a vast improvement in the relationships that I have with my existing and new clients. They are happy to sign up for more sessions that I have had in the past. Holding me accountable for doing the things my business needs is a very strong aspect of your help to me.”

Brad McCullough

BC Training

“In all of our dealings over the last six years, you’ve always been available for advice and support whenever I have asked. As a business associate you’ve always been ethical, honest and straightforward. The term “Business Coach” has been bandied about recently. I have found you to be an excellent coach and mentor to me. You have loads of experience in managing businesses and your advice has been, I found, to be sound, practical and sensible.”

Malcolm Woolmore

Lyndale Nurseries

“Tibor played a key role in helping us grow the total value of our portfolio substantially over the last 10 years. Along with advising on accounting and tax issues, you helped structure the group: develop our accounting systems and reporting processes; manage receivables, creditors and tenant accounts; build our capital budgeting and cash flow management model; and provide strategic input into our strategic planning process.”

John Courtney

Shortland Management Ltd

“I have, in particular, found that your strategies of keeping me focused on the long-term goals and holding me accountable for the short-term goals has made a huge difference in me approach to the business.

Your advice has seen a vast improvement in my client relationships, especially the ideas you have provided as alternatives to my thoughts. Your ideas at each meeting gives me pause for thought of where and how I can implement some or all of them in my business.”

Jason Preece

World NZ Ltd

“I met with Tibor with no real expectation of what I would achieve out of a consultation with him and was extremely pleased with the results. I came away with some action points that I could start working on immediately and a more comprehensive plan which transpired from our discussions about goal setting and what resources I needed to take my business to the next level. I would highly recommend Tibor to anyone who wants to look at what is needed for that individual as well as his or her business to succeed in their chosen profession or business.”

Jessie Foley

Fortune Manning Lawyers

Tibor is insightful, knowledgeable, inspiring and generous with his time and. Tibor is a great sounding board, and has much experience and business nous to effectively evaluate ideas put forward and help determine sensible solutions or a direction to pursue. Advice is practical and real world with steps that can be taken to immediately head in the right direction. I’m excited to learn the impact of what further mentoring under Tibor will ultimately have on the direction of my life.”

Dr Anthony Hunt

Restorative Dentist

“During the short time I have known Tibor, I have found him professional at all times. He takes little time to get to the point and is able to help you to answer most of your own questions. If you’re looking for acceleration in your business with a no nonsense accountability partner, Tibor is your man.”

John Milner

Investment & Estate Planning

“Thank you for showing me that I am my biggest asset.You showed me that with a plan and a point of difference I can make wonders. I happily recommend anyone to use your business advice.”

Camelia Lordache

Although I had my doubts in the beginning I have found that working with you has been of great assistance to me and my business.

I have, in particular, found that your strategies of keeping me focused on the long-term goals and holding me accountable for the short-term goals has made a huge difference in my approach to the business.

I am now looking at developing an actual business instead of it just being a job that I created for myself. The advice around pricing and costing of jobs has seen an improvement in my business income over the last few months.

Your advice has improved my confidence greatly when developing client relationships.  Your ideas at each meeting gives me pause for thought of where and how I can implement some or all of them in my business. My business focus has increased hugely since starting with you.”

Rob Goodhand

Goodhand Building Contractors Ltd

“Due to you Tibor, the term “Business Coach” has become quite fashionable recently. Many people have never been in business and don’t understand the ramifications of being in business. I have found Tibor to be the Real McCoy coach and mentor to us. He has loads of experience in managing businesses and your advice has been, I have found, to be sound practical and sensible. I have no hesitation in recommending Tibor to anyone either starting in business or those already established.”

Neil Godfrey

Inview Ltd

“After a couple of years in business I still come away ideas and thoughts about growing my business. Your insight in many areas of my business has enlightened my thinking of where this business can go. Please keep coming up with good ideas.”

Eva Scherer

Y Massage