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About us.

You know what I love about what I do? I go to meet with clients every day to get to inspire them that inspire themselves. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world, in fact, the hardest part is to try and figure out all the ways that I can do this to achieve that. The best part is that is also good for business.

You are probably reasonably successful already in your business and may be thinking how can business coaching help? With years of business experience, I have helped many business owners in Auckland, focus on the end goal and help set up the structure and systems in their business to achieve those goals.

Some of the challenges you may have are as follows:

  • I’m Working too hard and not making enough money
  • I’m working under too much stress
  • I’m spending too much time in my business
  • I lack direction (feel stuck)
  • I don’t have enough customers

Being a World Champion player and coach in sport, has enabled people like you to obtain higher levels of success in your business. I believe that business coaching and consulting for you as business owners can help you achieve great results. You will enjoy interactive sessions and workshops that help you accelerate your business growth and increase profitability. Auckland, New Zealand is my primary market, however, I am helping people from across the globe too.

Working with start-ups through to businesses that have been around for more than 40 years, you gain a trusted advisor who can act as a sounding board and come up with solutions that you may not have considered to improve your business. Business coaching can help you achieve the goals you had when starting your business.

You will experience focused attention on your business visions and the development of strategies to fulfill them.


It has been my pleasure to have been mentored by Tibor Mackor. If you are new to business or need to look for ways of growing your business, Tibor can challenge your thinking and get the fundamentals in place for growth and stability. I recommend him highly as do my fellow directors.

Stephen Stehlin
Managing Director – Sunpix Ltd

Business coaching helps film & TV business – Stephen Stehlin

Tibor is a brilliant business coach, it has been incredible having his knowledge and guidance. His advice has led to a number of business opportunities and I’m now confident with where my company is headed. I highly recommend getting Tibor onboard to help make sure your ship is sailing in the right direction.

Paul Stockton
Managing Director at StockTim

Business coaching has helped website designer – Paul Stockton

During the short time I have known Tibor, I have found him professional at all times. He takes little time to get to the point and is able to help you to answer most of your own questions. If you’re looking for acceleration in your business with a no nonsense accountability partner, Tibor is your man.

John Milner
Company Founder, Director, award winning Investment and Estate Planning advice.

Financial Planner thinks business coaching is great – John Milner


Specialties Include: Increased profits, Staff productivity, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Business growth, Networking, Systems, Financial performance, Business coaching and Accounting.

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Marketing tips | Business Consultation in Auckland

Download my free book now and start today

Marketing tips | Business Consultation in Auckland

Download my free book now and start today

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My business is improving your business.

Let’s talk.

My business is improving your business.

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