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No matter how superhuman you are, you can’t do it all.  Act before any loss of will or passion, and get some help to set your business up to succeed.  Surround yourself with people who are going to get you where you want to go.

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Elite Business Coaching

Aimed at business owners willing to work on their business over an extended period.

Business Checkup & Plan

Impacted by COVID-19? How you can build sustainably into the future.

Business Leadership

This intense and stimulating half day workshop will expose your staff to 3-4-5-6.

Ad-Hoc Advisory

One-off projects designed to solve immediate or short-term issues.

1 On 1 Coaching with Tibor Mackor

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How It Works



Getting a feel for you and your business over coffee and a chat.



Investigating, identifying and agreeing upon the issues facing your business.



Establishing and implementing a practical  strategy to take your business forward.

Ask yourself…

What are my priorities?

Values and priorities need to be communicated clearly and often to all stakeholders. When everything is shifting, people need a North Star to navigate by.

What are the opportunities and threats to my business?

In the discussion of each possible scenario, include a big-picture assessment of possible opportunities and threats, grounded in awareness of potential changes not only to your organisation but also your industry and your customers.

Are my staff committed?

Your people need to fully commit to the vision and plan.  Their voice and involvement are an important part of the process.  Leadership based on collaboration and not control foster the commitment and energy your team need to continue a journey of growth. 

Are my vision and mission connected?

Your vision must be inspiring, and it must be tightly aligned with your organisation’s purpose.  Leaders who think ahead with courage and vision will achieve long-term success.

Business Leadership Programme

Aimed at middle managers and supervisors employed in a business.

More Details

This intense and stimulating half day workshop will expose your critical support staff to 3-4-5-6 :
• The 3 masters that must be simultaneously served
• The 4 outcomes that are critical to your business
• The 5 skills that are essential
• The 6 traits or behaviours that make the difference between a good and great culture in your business
• The direct benefits of getting the most from your team

If you have a genuine desire to work more ON than IN your business, then this unique session will better equip your key personnel to allow you to do so.

$695+GST per person* (Minimum 2 people must attend)

*Funding is available for this service

Recession Prevention Business Checkup and Plan

This is aimed at business owners impacted by COVID-19 and want to look at how they can build sustainably into the future.

More Details

This is a 3 month contract where the following takes place.
-Fortnightly 2 hour coaching calls
-Analysis of the business for sustainability
-Analysis of business plan and suggestions for improvement
-Staff Survey
-Customer survey
-Owner survey
-A plan of how to move forward from here.

Your investment starts at $4,995.00 + GST

*Funding is available for this service

Elite Business Coaching Programme

This is aimed at the business owner willing to work on his/her business over an extended period to put the following into place in the business.

More Details

Business coaching is fortnightly for 2 hours.

– Financials (KPI’s, accounting, etc.)
– Business Planning for future opportunities
– Assessing and implementing systems for efficiencies
– Creating a sustainable business for the future
– Marketing (Basic plan of where the market is)
– Organisational restructure (People and roles in the right place)
– Customer Service (Voice of the customer)
– Communication systems (Internal & External)
– Business coaching (Implementing the plan)
– Governance (Creating aboard for future growth)

• Once on board we do a staff, client and owner survey.
• Once surveys and reports are completed a draft plan for the business is created.
• Helping you make decisions on the next area to focus on to create freedom and increase profits.
• Assist in designing the structure of the future business.
• Assist in creating systems to improve efficiencies and productivity.
• Assist in creating the vision for the business and making it known to all stakeholders.
• All done in structured coaching sessions over a year time frame.

Your investment starts at $2,750pm + GST for 12 months.

*Funding is available for this service

Ad-Hoc Advisory

One-off projects designed to solve immediate or short-term issues.

More Details

Our services are as unique as you and your business needs. We provide specialist knowledge to assist you in a wide range of areas including:

  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Growth
  • HR
  • Productivity
  • Sales


Let's take control of your future together!

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