Tibor Mackor

Business Advisor


“It’s all about vision, timing and analysing game play”

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Set your Goals.
Take a Challenge.
Reward Yourself.

As a world champion sportsman and coach, I have discovered that understanding gameplay, seeing the opportunities and timing the attack to win games is directly related to how businesses can improve profit, growth and provide more free time for business owners.

It is the fear of change that has most people procrastinating. I will help you eliminate the fear and take bold steps to changing your business and life. Stimulating questions on your gameplay, vision and timing opens the mind to new possibilities for the future.

My Story

I have over 20 years business leadership experience.  During which time I have developed my abilities through advising a diverse range of businesses, including co-operatives and private companies in South Africa, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

My background also includes:

  • Project management experience
  • CEO and General Manager of a chartered accounting practice
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business affairs specialist
  • Presentation and speaking experience.
  • Influencer and networker in the private sector
  • Established governance credentials
  • 5+ years sitting on Boards

In my spare time I like to read, listen to business books, play Underwater Hockey and spend time with the family. I have travelled extensively around the world and love seeing new places and enjoying the culture and delights of new food.

My Values & Beliefs


Having the capacity to accept delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. Practicing patience with others involves two things: compassion and acceptance.


Being able to demonstrate that one is reliable and worthy of trust. People know they can count on you.


Is being truthful, sincere and free from deceit or fraud. We cheat not only others but ourselves when we are dishonest. We gain the respect of others when we are honest and feel good about ourselves.

My Approach

I take the time to understand you and your business.  Together we establish practical strategies needed for overcoming daily challenges in order to stimulate business improvement and development.

My business strategy sessions are highly motivational and inspire business owners to take immediate action and implement changes that really work.

The results have been increased staff engagement, increased profitability, new avenues of growth and most importantly freedom for business owners. 


What experience do you have solving problems in my industry?

As a Chartered Accountant and experienced Buiness Advisor, I have been exposed to a wide range of industries and companies.  Many of my skills – especially as a Chartered Accountant – are relevant to all industries.

How much time can I expect you to devote to my business?

I work out a specific tailor-made business coaching programme suitable to each individual clients’ needs. Generally I find that I need to spend at least one hour per week during the first month in a face to face meeting but depending on the programme and your business’ immediate requirement this can be anything from days per week to hours per month. Coaching eventually progresses to a monthly meeting to keep the client on track and focused on future results based on agreed goals and timeframes.

What are your rates?

There are no fixed charges for my services as all clients have different requirements. Normally, issues are realised during the course of our first meeting and proposals are then tailored to meet your needs.  If any Government funding or subsidies are available for your project I will bring them to your attention and help you apply.

When can I expect results?

I commit to getting results for my clients as soon as possible. Sometimes I can make some immediate changes that produce instant improvement to the bottom line. These situations tend to be in the sales and marketing areas of your business. If the changes need to be made to administrative systems or production procedures the results may take longer.

If I engage you, will you guarantee confidentiality?

I guarantee 100% client confidentiality.  


Let's take control of your future together!

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