Many business owners understand the importance of delivering a fantastic product and/or service.

After all, it is your great product or service that your customers want all the time, not so? Your product or service fulfils all the needs of your customers and keeps them coming back for more, right? Well, this is not true for many business owners who fret about finding their next customer.

One of the biggest issues that business owners face is to find customers that need and will return many times for their product or service. One way to overcome this issue is to sit and think about the way you communicate your product or service to your target market. While most businesses focus on “what” they offer or “how” they offer their product or service, many do not focus on the “why” they are in business.

This is important as most people buy on a feeling that it just feels right. If you think about Apple, they are really just another computer company. What makes them special is the fact that they tell people why they create their great products. Other companies in the same genre have similar and or better products to serve the needs of people. Most of them focus on the “what” or the “how” of their products or services rather than why they are business. E.g. a 500G hard drive versus an identifiable “way of life” that Apple espouses.

When you buy your product or service from a regular supplier you invariably have the feeling of trust and a sense that your supplier is looking after your best interests too. Imagine then, if your target market felt about you and your product or service in the same way. You will need to find your “why” so that your target market can feel the same way about your business as the many people who do about Apple and be prepared to pay more for that product or service. Apple’s products are generally more expensive than those of its competition, yet people who believe in Apple’s “why” are prepared to pay the higher value.

List all the reasons why you are in business and see which resonates with your target market. Remember, you are in business to make a profit. Your target market will grant you that profit if you meet their needs and why they should buy from you. 

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Tibor Mackor is the founder of Better Business Strategies Ltd; a business dedicated to assisting business owners find the freedom in their business, by aligning their vision with the right game-play and timing.