Do you want to grow your business and income in today’s business climate?

All we hear from the media these days is bad news, and that’s because bad news and pain sells!

However, the savvy entrepreneur knows there’s still plenty of business growth opportunities and cash floating around; you just have to toss out your net and catch some of it for yourself!

Following are 7 simple business growth strategies you can focus on to build your and income and business in 2009:

1) Focus

As entrepreneurs, we’re creative, and we always have many ideas floating around our heads.  The problem is we may tend to become unfocused relatively easily.

Make sure you focus on ‘top priority’ activities every single day that will increase and generate income.  Follow the 80/20 rule and spend at least 80% of your time working on income-generating activities.

Use the other 20% of the time doing less important tasks when your creative energy naturally wanes during the day.

Quick Tip: Everyday write down three activities you will focus on to increase your income each day.  Spend 80% of your work time doing these tasks. Employ a business coach so that he can keep you focused on what is important to achieve in business.

2) Improve your website

Your website is your business’ entryway to the world.  People visit your website because they are seeking a solution to a problem they are having.  Your website needs to provide valuable information and resources to visitors to help them solve their problems, and not just be a pretty online brochure.

Your website needs:

1.      Attention-getting headline that grabs visitors

2.      A few paragraphs about how you can help them

3.      Leads them to the steps you want them to take

4.      Great photo of you (establishes a personal connection)

5.      Opt-in box in upper right-hand corner

Quick Tip: Think about what is your ‘Most Wanted Response’ from a visitor to your website.  Is your website clear in directing a person to take this desired action?

3) Expand your online marketing

There are many FREE ways you can do online marketing and drive visitors to your website.  Using a multi-faceted strategy to get them there is best.  Ways to do this are:

* Publish and distribute articles online

* Set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, My Space,

* Submitting online press releases

* Blogging

* Make a video and post it on YouTube and on your site

Quick Tip: Pick three activities you want to use to drive traffic to your website.  Do these activities every week.

4) Build an online subscriber list

Have a sign up form on your website and send regular e-newsletters to your subscribers with valuable information.  When you’re networking or speaking to a group, ask everyone to sign up for your list, as well.  This gives you an opportunity to market to them and build a value-added relationship that establish trust and increase your sales.

5) Do smart networking

Many people network all wrong and waste a lot of valuable time.  Network where you know your target client is already hanging out.  You can also meet others who already have a relationship with your target client.

Quick Tip: Build a business referral partner list.  Identify 10 occupational categories of people who are already doing business with your target client.

Identify 10 people you know or want to get to know in these 10 occupational categories (this equals 100 referral partners!).  Develop relationships and keep in touch, and watch referrals begin to flood to your door!

6) Build relationships through giveaways

To entice someone to sign up for your list, as well as give them a taste of your services, create a FREE giveaway item you can give to them.  The key with a giveaway is it has to be very valuable to the person receiving it, and has to help them solve a problem they may be experiencing.

This item can be a FREE special report, e-book, teleseminar, CD, simple workbook, case study, checklist, and video.

Quick Tip: Make a list of 3 free giveaways you can offer people to entice them to get on your list of warm prospects.  Look at the intellectual property or products you already have.  Can you condense some of it into free content for your giveaway?

7) Hire an Administrative Person

The administrative details that need taking care of in your business will eat up your income-generating opportunities and profits.

Quick Tip: Identify those routine administrative tasks that someone else can do.  Outsource them!

These 7 simple tips will help you build and increase the income in your business.  Be diligent about applying them, as well as tracking and testing your results.  Modify your activities, as you need to keep the momentum going and your income growing.

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Tibor Mackor is the founder of Better Business Strategies Ltd; a business dedicated to assisting business owners find the freedom in their business, by aligning their vision with the right game-play and timing.