Here is an extract from an article in the New Zealand Herald on Sunday 27 April 2008

Do New Zealanders lack the skills needed to run their businesses well?

By our rate of business ownership, Kiwis are the most entrepreneurial people in the world, but this doesn’t mean we’re always well-prepared for the daily challenges of running a business. This is as true for those focusing on domestic markets as it is for companies going global. Indeed, we think improving the management skills of our exporters is central to improving our international competitiveness.


How can a mentor help my business?

Mentors have experience in operating and developing a business. They can be a sounding board for problems, help you look at the big picture and offer guidance to tackle some of the challenges growth creates. Mentors also have business networks you can tap into.


What skills or services do mentors offer?

Experience. They may share some of their mistakes so you don’t fall into similar traps. They can help focus your business goals and offer advice on strategies to achieve them. Remember, though, that a mentor is a business coach and doesn’t replace the need to get specialist advice from lawyers, accountants or bank managers.


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