FAQ’s on Business Coaching and Consulting

Can I talk with other clients?

I ensure each of my clients’ total confidentiality, however if you are ready to do business with me  and feel the need to “check me out first” I will endeavour to arrange for you to give one or more existing clients  a call and discuss their experience of my business coaching and consultancy with you.

How do you know if you can help me?

Before I submit any proposal I have an extensive range of analysis questions, and business diagnostic tools to establish your company’s current position and give me insight as to what if anything I can do to help. My proposal (should there be one) will outline all the issues, summarise your needs and detail exactly how and where Business Coaching  can help you improve profits sales and cash.

How long will it take me to see the results?

I commit to getting results for my clients as soon as possible. Sometimes I can make some immediate changes that produce instant improvement to the bottom line. These situations tend to be in the sales and marketing areas of your business. If the changes need to be made to administrative systems or production procedures the results may take longer. My stated intention is that when you hire me for business coaching, we need to be able to increase your profits beyond the cost of the coaching charge. I never want to be an additional burden to your business. I want you to see me as an investment in your business and to be a working asset.

How much do you charge?

There are no fixed charges for my business coaching and consultancy services as all clients have different issues, normally these issues are realised during the course of our first meeting and proposals are then personalised to meet your needs.


How much time do you spend with me?

I work out a specific tailor-made business coaching programme suitable to each individual clients’ needs. Generally I find that I need to spend at least one hour per week during the first month in a face to face meeting but depending on the programme and your business’ immediate requirement this can be anything from days per week to hours per month. Coaching eventually progresses to a monthly meeting to keep the client on track and focused on future results based on agreed goals and timeframes.

What associations or organisations do you belong to?

I am a member and licensee of the Results In Business Institute (RIBI) Australia and New Zealand’s largest and Number 1 network of independent Coaches and Consultants. Through RIBI I have access to the best range of Business Coaching and Business Improvement programmes and systems available in the Southern Hemisphere. RIBI also provides us with an excellent mentoring programme and a forum for contact with all other licensees to draw on their experience.

What experience have you had in my industry?

I have been exposed to many different industries in the past when I still practiced as an accountant and in the subsequent years in business coaching. I therefore have an understanding of several industries. Throughout the RIBI licensee network we have many consultants with vast experience in many different industries. If I have no experience with your particular industry, I will seek out through the “Forum” the most appropriate licensee or licensees for me to collaborate with on your programme.

What guarantees do you give?

My intention is to never become an extra cost to my client, therefore all of my business coaching & consulting services are provided with a guarantee that covers the first thirty days. If you are unsatisfied with the coaching programme and or progress in 30 days, you will be fully refunded. Quite frankly I will feel embarrassed that I have wasted your time.